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We have established this part of our website because of the tremendous changes occurring currently and further changes that are about to occur in the telecommunications industry.  Please look at this site on an ongoing basis as information will be added and deleted as needed.  Click on the links for full articles.


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February 9, 2017 – IBM, Ericsson Unveil 28GHz 5G Antenna




February 6, 2017 – AT&T working on 5G wireless network using Air Gig




February 1, 2017 – AT&T to Offer 5G in Austin, Indianapolis This Year




January 19, 2017 – Bids in Groundbreaking Wireless Spectrum Auction

Top $18 Billion




January 10, 2017 – 5G: Another Next-Generation Disappointment?




December 21, 2016 – AT&T seeks permission to shut down

13 legacy services in Southwest region




December 2, 2016 – AT&T takes heat for opting out of Lifeline broadband program




December 5, 2016 – AT&T starts testing 5G wireless with Intel in Austin




December 2, 2016 – AT&T calls early DirecTV Now demand 'rather dramatic'




October 28, 2016 – AT&T to begin 400 Gigabit Ethernet trials in 2017




October 23, 2016 – Senate Committee to Hold Hearing in

November on AT&T-Time Warner Merger




October 22, 2016 – AT&T clinches $85-billion deal for

Time Warner to create entertainment powerhouse




October 21, 2016 – AT&T boss would roll regulatory dice with Time Warner deal




September 27, 2016 – Report: AT&T has set a timeline to phase out

satellites and set-top boxes




September 13, 2016 – AT&T wants to own a media company




August 23, 2016 – Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink take aggressive

tack on NFV deployment, research firm says




August 17, 2016 – AT&T Teams With Global Giants to Ramp 5G Deployment




August 1, 2016 – AT&T proceeds with CORD trial in Georgia,

submits virtual OLT specs to Open Compute project




May 25, 2016 – The Top 4 AT&T Shareholders (T)




May 23, 2016 – AT&T will launch SDN service in 63 countries simultaneously this year,

- de la Vega says




May 16, 2016 – Huge breakthrough in blazing fast internet speeds




May 16, 2016 – AT&T launches gigabit Internet service in San Jose, San Francisco




April 25, 2016 – AT&T announces deal with

Globecomm to offer satellite fallback for IoT customers




April 25, 2016 – AT&T, Otis partner on Internet of Things services




April 20, 2016 – AT&T's SDN network design winner launches as

Waltz Networks with $8.15M in funding




April 19, 2016 – Google to test innovative 3.5GHz wireless in Kansas City




April 16, 2016 – A blow in the battle to keep the Internet free and equal




April 6, 2016 – A Closer Look at AT&T’s New Over-the-Top Services




February 13, 2016 – Gearing Up for the Cloud, AT&T Tells Its Workers: Adapt, or Else




February 12, 2016 – AT&T Says 5G Will Be 100 Times Faster Than LTE and

May Even Launch This Year




February 2, 2016 – AT&T Shake-Up: Stankey Gets Consumer Wireless, Video,

and Broadband




January 26, 2016 – AT&T is ready to unveil its own video service that could top Netflix




January 20, 2016 – AT&T CEO: Bringing video and Internet together (Yahoo video)




January 20, 2016 – AT&T's Project VIP buoys its FTTB reach with 1M additions




January 6, 2016 – Donovan: AT&T Beating Moore's Law




January 5, 2016 – AT&T: We'll connect everything you own and everywhere you go




December 9, 2015 – Verizon is about to ruin the Internet




December 8, 2015 – Verizon's McAdam: 5G speeds will be up to 1 Gbps and

live at Verizon HQ in January




November 10, 2015 – AT&T expands gigabit fiber to 23 cities starting at $70/$110




October 8, 2015 – AT&T to begin CORD field trials in wireline network in 2016




October 8, 2015 – AT&T's Donovan: Traffic from 'millions' of wireless customers

now running on SDN architecture




September 29, 2015 –

AT&T drops fiber prices to Google Fiber levels




September 10, 2015 –

AT&T's Stephens: We'll meet our FTTH goals by extending fiber from existing builds




September 10, 2015 –

Google Considering Three New Cities for High-Speed Web Service




September 9, 2015 –

Does Verizon's CAF-II refusal mean another wireline asset sale is coming?




September 8, 2015 –

AT&T, Verizon face California PUC scrutiny over copper networks




September 8, 2015 –

Verizon to test 5G in 2016




August 12, 2015 –

AT&T's Network on Demand leads to 95% improvement in 'provisioning cycle times'




July 27, 2015 –

AT&T a 'fundamentally different company' now that DirecTV acquisition has closed




July 20, 2015 –

AT&T’s DirecTV Deal Seen Helping Laggard Finally Outpace Verizon




July 15, 2015 –

CWA supports Wheeler’s transition proposals




July 9, 2015 –

AT&T Embracing Net-Neutrality Rules It Slammed to Speed DirecTV Deal




July 7, 2015 –

AT&T Goes Extra Broadband Mile




June 8, 2015 –

AT&T shifts 130K employees to focus on software networking transition




May 10, 2015 –

FCC shoots down petitions to delay open internet rules




May 7, 2015 –

Verizon To Exit Wireline Business Within 10 Years




May 1, 2015 –

U.S. telecom groups, AT&T seek to block new Internet rules




April 30, 2015 –

FCC Hits AT&T With $10.4 Million Fine for Lifeline Fraud




April 24, 2015 –

AT&T bond sale aimed at financing DirecTV acquisition




March 20, 2015 –

Frontier Stakes Its Claim on Landlines




March 6, 2015 –

AT&T’s next big transformation (Dallas Morning News)




March 2, 2015 –

AT&T on track to virtualize 5% of network functions by end of 2015, Donovan says




February 26, 2015 –

Net Neutrality Prevails In Historic FCC Vote




February 24, 2015 –

5G and the coming 'tectonic' shift in wireless




February 5, 2015 –

Verizon offloads towers to American Tower for $5B

Frontier acquires Verizon wireline assets in 3 states for $10.5B




January 28, 2015 –

Tons of AT&T and Verizon customers may no longer have “broadband” tomorrow




January 23, 2015 –

AT&T could spend $20-22B in AWS-3 auction, more than Verizon




January 5, 2015 –

FCC plans to vote on net neutrality in February




November 12, 2014 –

Obama - Regulate broadband Internet like a utility so it works for everyone

AT&T halts fiber deployments until net neutrality is resolved

AT&T kills plan to use LTE in WCS C, D Block for in-flight Wi-Fi services

AT&T to expand wireless network to Mexico with $2.5B purchase of Iusacell




October 31, 2014 –

FCC's Wheeler proposes two-tier net neutrality plan for broadband services




October 27, 2014 –

CWA Opening Comments on Staff Report




September 19, 2014 –

What happens to calls that are 'recorded for quality assurance'




September 3, 2014 –

Frontier’s Buyout of AT&T Connecticut Rejected By Regulators; Deal Offers Little Benefit to Customers




August 18, 2014 –

AT&T Incubates Technology to Connect Devices




August 13, 2014 –

Verizon planning to use 4G LTE for wireless TV




July 23, 2014 –

**A brief history of the Internet of Things** - FierceMobile Article




June 25, 2014 –

Both houses of Congress tackle AT&T-DirecTV merger




May 19, 2014 –

FCC initiates Open Internet rulemaking





May 18, 2014 –

AT&T will buy DirecTV for $48.5B




May 13, 2014

Big Telecom Threatens Investment Apocalypse if FCC Enacts Strong Net Neutrality


Verizon, AT&T leaving landline phone networks to rot, complaint says




April 22, 2014

AT&T, Chernin teaming up on $500M OTT play




April 10, 2014

It is difficult to determine where to start.  Should I start in 2008 in New York when AT&T announced at a trade show that they were working on the idea of transitioning from TDM solutions to an all IP network?



Should I dispel the myth that an all IP network means no copper?  Or perhaps I should start with Verizon who, on a nationwide basis, is forcing customers against their will to migrate from the copper network to FIOS.



TURN (The Utility Reform Network) Emergency motion regarding Verizon force migration of customers.


Maybe I should tell you about the Industrial Internet Consortium for IoT (Internet of Things) formed in 2014 that consists of AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel



No, I think I’ll start in Carbon Hill….


FCC blesses AT&T plan to test TDM-to-IP transition


CWA's response and petition to FCC (2 separate documents)


Alabama Customers Unhappy About AT&T’s Experiment Ending Landline Service


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