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Fifteen partial college scholarships of $3,000 each are being offered for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  Winners, selected in a lottery drawing, also will receive second-year scholarships of the same amount contingent upon satisfactory academic accomplishment.  Part-time students, less than 12 credits, will receive half of the scholarship monies.

Eligible for the awards are CWA Members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including those of retired or retired or deceased members.



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Amounts range from $500 to $4,000.  These one-time cash awards are for study beginning in the Fall each year.  Students may re-apply each year.



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CWA/NETT was formed in 2000 as CWA’s national online training academy to provide training opportunities to CWA members and their families.  We have established partnerships with manufactures, workforce systems, and distributors of telecommunications and IT equipment, including CISCO Systems, for the purpose of developing training on the newest technologies for our members.  CWA/NETT partners with Bismarck State College, an accredited institution, to administer our courses.

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