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Kenny is an AT&T employee, steward and expert negotiator. As president he has led the Local through 3+ contracts, uncountable grievances and non stop member actions across all the units. He is always happy to be available to the membership.


Peter O'Brien is of Irish orgin and has a tenacity for representation. He has worked hard as a leader in mobilizing, organizing and education. He is always around when you need him, so feel free to give him a call anytime you need a hand.

Executive Vice President

Patti is a long time employee and Orange County resident. She has a technical, financial and leadership background.  As an AT&T employee and dedicated steward, she can help you with the ins and outs of your contract or the locals finances.


Dominique has a large repitoire of grievance and contract knowledge. She is a call center expert and has lead many grievances ranging from employee mistreatment to major discipline. She is very freindly and willing to serve in the members best interests.

Vice President AT&T Unit

Vice President AT&T Mobility Unit

Art is a hardcore union man. If you see him at a picket line, don't be suprised if you never forget that moment. His energy and loyalty to the union movement is evident in all the hard work he does training, educating and inspiring our union brothers and sisters.


Vice President Verizon Unit

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